When Stupidity Reigns Supreme

I must admit - I am not a big fan of the UPA or of Manmohan Singh as others are. And so the tone may seem biased here. But the issue was such that I could not refrain from commenting upon it.


Today's news story carries the following article on the UPA government 'seriously' considering an Act that prohibits the number of people that can be invited for a function or social gathering. This is in support of the argument that food wastage can be reduced this way. Please read the story for more of this.

This is another way of the government trying to act Big Brother over us. It seems that personal liberty is not only going for a toss, so is common sense with it. Won't people simply bribe policemen to lie about this? Moreover, I do agree that the crass manner of wedding celebration needs to be controlled, but seriously people, is this any way to stop food wastage, when tonnes of food rots away in government silos across countries or gets destroyed by pests? There is only one way to describe this nonsense; STUPIDITY REIGNS SUPREME.

India's judicial system's motto translates into 'Truth Alone Triumphs'. Maybe the government's motto should read 'Stupidity Only Can Triumph'.


Rachna said…
I think it is a good move. However, I do agree with the fact that it probably would be a way of attracting more bribes though, because those who have money to spend lavishly in weddings would find money to make it happen in our awesome judicial system. So, I guess the next thing to do should be make sure that the law gets enforced if it does get to come into picture!
Kartikeya Singh said…
don't worry...no way will it get through...there will be public uproar...

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