Why is Sanitation Not an Issue for the Indian Media?

A scan of the media coverage of issues poses an insight into what are the hot topics of today's media. It is easy to list these issues, for they number only a few. Be it the Hindutva terror, Karnataka land deals, the CWG scam or the 2G spectrum allocation, these issues are still a rage with our media. Though it is shameful to see shameless politicians scream their lungs out saying "My corruption is less than your corruption", it is fascinating to note why issues of grave importance are either dropped quickly or are not even picked up by the Indian media. A lot of them, which I believe are the real issues India faces, are never covered by our so called 'senior' journalists, which is shameful because their voice might lend credence to the efforts of the activists, workers and government servants who are struggling on this issue for decades now.

Ms. Teresa Rehman has been a revelation in that sense. An award winning journalist from Assam, she has been a strong insight into a region that is conveniently forgotten in the mainstream media (a story to be talked about on another day). But it is her struggle about bringing the issue of sanitation to the forefront that is worth a thousand bows. No other 'senior' journalist has seen it within his/her mandate to question why sanitation is not being paid attention in the media. Her blog http://thesanitationscribes.blogspot.com/ is a fantastic eye opener as well as a great attempt to cover what should be a really big issue for the Indian media, and not just remain an issue to be discussed all the time within the academic circles.


Please read this to understand the plight of what truly is the aam aadmi of India.


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