Let there be light
Over the darkness shall it prevail
Let there be power
For the weak’s protection without fail

Let there be joy
To kill the sorrows hidden within us
Let there be poverty
For none shall be rich and mock others thus

Let there be food
For none shall ever go hungry
Let there be peace
For due to violence none shall be angry

Let there be no God
For in Its name no one shall die
Let there be no borders
For expanding which none shall try

Let there be smiles
That stretch ear to ear, and are genuine
Let there be doctors
Who never, ever run out of medicine

Let all people be blind
For colour, creed and race shall cease to be visible
Let all tongues be dead
For spewing venom then none shall be able

Let us all be dumb
For none shall judge the other
Let life take its normal course
So that sons cremate their fathers

Let greed be stymied forever
For then the planet shall exist
And the air shall be clean; the water shall be clear
And from creating pollution we desist

Tell me, is it too much to ask?
Or am I being just a hopeless pessimist?
Can mankind achieve everything?
Without losing anything,
Or as I believe,
Shall it altogether cease to exist?


jy0tiar0ra said…
i liked that poem. it's deep, without being obscure.

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