Hyderabad/Secunderabad Diaries

Monsoon time is a strange time for our nation as such. People wait for the rains, and then they also wait for it to go away, due to the widespread problems that it creates evey year. It is highly depressing to see the widespread destruction that the rains have been bringing about in this beautiful nation. And it is still rythmic in nature, having a strange attraction towards it, that has inspired so many of us to write in its honour, to compose songs in praise of it, to sing ballads that remind us of its composure, its fury, its many moods, since time immemorial. Perhaps its due to the fact that the monsoons are like us humans, and has several aspects to its personality like us. And this will go on forever, till either the rains cease to occur on this planet, or till the human beings themselves cease to exist on this planet. 
For me, I love this season, and have fallen for it even more after having come to Hyderabad, for the beautiful chill that it has brought about is incomparable. Living in the hills does have its advantages, and this is one of them. I always wanted to live a certain kind of lifestyle, and as of now, this city is offering it to me. However, there are certain issues I still have with the city, like the ghastly traffic jams that arise due to the rains, and the incessant flooding due to the non-existent sewerage systems.  This weather is perfect to allow such aspiring b-grade writers like me to be inspired and write something nice. I have a whole bunch of compositions on that front, and maybe, if one day, I feel confident enough, I might share it with the six people who read my blog!! But honestly, I would like more people to read my blog, and give their constructive feedback, so that I can move towards one of my "Hazaaron Khwahishein". And by the way, I shall start giving movie reviews on another blog soon, for movies that are hard to find.


Anonymous said…
Visit to the 5star hotels in Hyderabad might not be all that pleasant anymore with stringent and high end security measures making way in the wake of the Mumbai terror attacks. The business and budget hotels in Hyderabad are also much in demand owing to the massive growth and development in the city. In the last couple of years Hyderabad has seen a considerable increase in the number of business travelers. But as far as the guests to the 5stars are concerned, they are facing difficulties owing to the beefed up security measures. Visitors are going through security measures right till the entry of the hotels to the extent of having sniffer dogs sneaking into their cars after entry inside the hotel gates. The security measures have in some way or other come in the way of the affable and warm hospitality that the guests experienced prior to the attacks. The hotel owners maintain that however much security is hiked up hotels would always remain vulnerable to attacks.

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