Hyderabad/Secunderabad Diaries

Another day in Hyderabad, but not a usual one, to say the least. It rained non-stop for 26 hours over Hyderabad. Rainfall is an underestimation; it felt as if the heavens were upset over something and had cried their hearts out. Maybe they were sad about the state of affairs that the city is in today. Maybe they were upset about the loss of the city that was , which is nearly impossible to locate in the glitz and glamour that has come to engulf the quiet sounds of the city, which has blinded the people of this city so much they cannot see they where they are headed too. Maybe that explains the absolute lack of traffic sense that the city's residents exhibit!
Anyways, a colleague of mine has gone berserk about the situation of the city. In Paigah, where he puts up, the lower floors are flooded. Within ten minutes he had to rush everything he owned to the first floor, as his landlord had asked him too. Now, he has lost his senses, and is even talking of going back. However, is there a need to panic so much? I mean, any city that would see twenty six hours of non-stop rain would have the same set of events happening with its denizens. Look at Mumbai, and tell me whether anyone ran away from the city after what happened a couple of years ago. God give him some common sense.
Anyways, there isn't much to do nowadays, as there is terrible waterlogging all around, so I have been just sitting around, and talking to my housemates, and really I have been enjoying my time here. I have been made to see again, as I have been thinking frequently, that you have to learn to live life fully in each moment, and on your own terms and conditions, so that you never have to regret anything.


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