Is Study of Spirituality Stupid(contd.)

Let us now take the case of the spiritual sciences. Even these sciences are based on a lot of assumptions, and I fully say so. But these assumptions, one could argue came from a lot of deep thinking and observation. Take the case of the practice of Rajayoga. In this practice, we say that there are two channels in the spine, called the ida and pingala that tend to channelise the energies flowing in the body. Incidentally, the formation of the spinal cord is such that each vertebra is in the shape of an eight kept sideways. Also, the position of the chakras or centres of spiritual energy are incidentally the same as the various endocrinal glands, except for one that is located in the heart, as was propounded by the philosopher and spiritual scientist Patanjali nearly two and a half thousand years ago. So, to dismiss it entirely would also be a mistake. However, the beauty of any science, be it of the physical or the metaphysical, states a common observation, which disciples of both the field tend to ignore-to neither disbelieve anything, nor blindly follow anything without seeing it yourself or experiencing it first-hand.
Take the case of 'spiritual' music (though personally I would say devotional music, as spiritual and spirituality are often misused and abused terms). If you listen to it and observe scientifically, you will realise that there is often an intricate three-dimensional geometry about the whole musical piece. This is one field where both the sciences merge beautifully yet unknowingly. For that matter, look at the common practice of burning incense/loban or conducting havans in houses across India. It has now been conclusively shown that the microbial count in the ari is actually reduced to nearly zero by the practice, thus providing a sterile atmosphere. Though this is not the best example, the purpose behind it is to highlight the deep amount of thought that has gone behind several practices, which does not mean that all of them are correct-it is about beiing objective as I stated befor.


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